Explore Scientific Shroud for 10" and 12" Truss Tube Dobsonian - ES-DOB1012SHR

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Explore Scientific Shroud for 10" and 12" Truss Tube Dobsonian

  • Shroud for Dob Keeps Out Stray Light
  • Fits 10" or 12" Truss Tube Dobsonians
  • Maintain Dark Path for Better Contrast Images
  • Opaque, breathable Nylon Fabric - good stretch
  • Also Helps Keep Out Dust
  • Good for observers in city or suburbs

Use this Explore Scientific Shroud for 10" and 12" Truss Tube Dobsonians to keep out stray and unwanted light from your Truss Tube Dobsonian telescope. This product is a lightweight light shroud. Keeping the path dark between your secondary and primary mirror will increase the image contrast and brightness bringing out more details in the images from the scope. Constructed of opaque black nylon with excellent stretch, each end of the DOB Light Shroud from Explore Scientific has an elastic band to keep the shroud in place and allow for an easy installation. Provides a good fit to most truss tube type Dobsonian telescopes.

The Shroud's construction of breathable nylon will let air circulate and yet keep dust away, keeping your optics cleaner and avoiding any unnecessary pressure from the breeze. Helps with both dust and stray light problems. A must-have accessory for the urban and suburban Dob observer where stray light interferes with your images.

Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable Extended Life of the Product Warranty when the product is registered within 60 days of purchase.


Item Number: DOB1012SHR
Material: Lightweight fabric nylon to block stray light
Light Block: Opaque Black fabric blocks light
Closure: Drawstring for security
Fabric Type: Nylon, Stretches to Fit
Fits: 10" or 12" Truss Tube Dobsonians