Explore Scientific Primary Mirror Cell for 8" Mirrors - Spring Loaded! (Used)

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  • SKU USED92702

Are you a passionate DIY astronomer in search of high-quality components to bring your telescope project to life? Look no further! We're offering a used Explore Scientific 8" Dobsonian Primary Mirror Cell, a reliable and essential piece of equipment perfect for your custom telescope endeavor.

Key Features:

1. Explore Scientific Quality: This primary mirror cell comes from Explore Scientific, a trusted brand known for its dedication to optical excellence. Rest assured that you're working with a component designed to meet high standards of performance and durability.

2. Versatile Component: Whether you're building a new telescope or looking to replace an existing mirror cell, this Explore Scientific component is designed to fit 8" Dobsonian telescopes, making it a versatile and compatible choice.

3. Ideal for DIY Projects: Are you ready to take your telescope project to the next level? This mirror cell provides the foundation for precise mirror alignment, ensuring optimal optical performance in your custom-built telescope.

4. Condition: Please note that this mirror cell is used but in good working condition.

5. Value-Added: By choosing a trusted brand like Explore Scientific for your mirror cell, you're adding value to your custom telescope. The quality and performance of this component can significantly enhance your stargazing experience.

Whether you're creating a brand-new telescope from scratch or upgrading your current setup, this Explore Scientific 8" Dobsonian Primary Mirror Cell is a vital component that will contribute to the precision and quality of your telescope. It's an opportunity to work with a trusted brand and ensure your custom project reaches its full potential.