Explore Scientific Illuminator II For Finder Scope - FNDRILLUM-02

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Explore Scientific Illuminator II For Finder Scope

  • This is an Illuminator for use with Finder Scope
  • Longer Life for battery due to design
  • Uses 2 alkaline AAA batteries for power
  • 100X longer life than traditional illuminator
  • Variable intensity control included
  • Easy installation to replace old illuminator
  • Weighs only 1.5 ounce

This Explore Scientific Illuminator II For Finder Scope use will be a big improvement over the illuminator you presently have! Is the battery always dead when you attempt to use your existing illuminator? That is common because of the type of miniature battery which is used in traditional illuminators. The Illuminator II now offers exceptionally long battery life for VFEI0850–01 and VFEI0850-RA finder scopes OR most any other illuminated finder which has a standard illuminator.

The advantage of the Explore Scientific Illuminator II For Finder Scope is the power is provided by 2 alkaline AAA batteries (batteries not included) which will last AT LEAST 100X longer than the traditional illuminator. Also, AAA batteries are inexpensive and they are available almost everywhere! The Illuminator II also offers variable control of the red LED brightness, from ultra-dim to very intense for proper illumination of the markings in your existing finder scope.

NOTE: A photo shows this Illuminator installed in a finder scope for application illustration purposes, only. Your product will NOT include any finder scope.

This product comes with a Limited USA One Year Warranty from Explore Scientific, when product is registered within 60 days of purchase.


Manufacturer: Explore Scientific
Function: Illuminator for Finderscope
Weight: 1.5 oz
Length: 4.764 in / 121 mm
Width: 0.685 in / 17.4 mm
Batteries: Requires 2 - AAA Alkaline batteries (NOT included)