Explore Scientific FirstLight 5" Newtonian on Nano Equatorial Mount - FL-N130600EQ3

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Explore Scientific FirstLight 5" Newtonian
on Nano Equatorial Mount and Tripod



  • 130 mm (5") Newtonian Telescope
  • Generous 130 mm aperture has light-gathering capability for galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters
  • Fast focal ratio (f/4.6) shortens exposure times for deep sky photography
  • Model comes with a 25 mm Plössl eyepiece and a red dot finder to aid in object location<
  • Included smartphone adapter helps observers use their smart device to capture and share images
  • FirstLight EXOS Nano German Equatorial Mount
  • Sturdy Steel Tripod w/ Eyepiece Tray
  • Tripod Extension: 25.5" to 45"
  • Vixen style Universal Dovetail
  • Mount Weight (minus the counterweight) is 10 lb

This is an Explore Scientific FirstLight 5" Newtonian Reflector Telescope on a Nano Equatorial Mount and Tripod. This Newtonian design telescope has an aperture of 130 mm (5") and an f/number of f/4.6, for a focal length of 600 mm. It is a white colored tube Newtonian scope with a primary mirror of 130 mm aperture. It comes with a 25 mm Plossl eyepiece, a Red Dot Finder, and a Smartphone Adapter. The 1.25" Sturdy Steel ST1 Tripod with legs that extend from 25.5" to 45". The EXOS Nano is a light-duty German Equatorial mount and tripod designed to quickly and easily accept small scopes, such as this 5" Newtonian from Explore Scientific.

This Newtonian telescope and mount is a good combination for those who might be just getting started in the astronomy hobby. You will find this mount and tripod to be very handy and easy to use. This is a manually-operated Equatorial Mount, with two knobs on flexible shafts, which can be used to manually point the telescope and track a celestial object.

Includes a Limited One year Warranty from Explore Scientific, after registration.


Item Number FL-N130600EQ3
Telescope Design: Newtonian Reflector
Magnification: 250x
Focal Length: 600 mm focal length
Focal Ratio: f/4.6
Lens Coatings: Full Coating
Adapter: 40 mm draw tube focuser
Parabolic primary Mirror Diameter: 130 mm
Eyepiece (Included): 25 mm Plössl
Mount Type: FirstLight EXOS Nano German Equatorial mount
Mount Control: Manual - NO Electronics
Comes With: Smartphone Adapter, One 25 mm Plössl Eyepiece, Red Dot Finder, Downloadable Software