Explore Scientific Extension Ring Set M48x0.75 - 5 Pieces - 510381

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  • SKU EXP-510381

Explore Scientific Extension Ring Set M48x0.75 - 5 Pieces

  • This is a set of five extension tubes
  • 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm
  • Thread connection is M48 x 0.75 mm
  • Used to set a distance from focal plane to a camera
  • Use with correctors and field flatteners
  • Also suitable for 2.0 inch color and nebular filters
  • Large inner diameter of 45.0 mm
  • Outer diameter is 50.65 mm (2") for easy mounting
  • Total weight is only 85 grams

This Explore Scientific Extension Ring Set M48 x 0.75 - 5 Pieces includes a set of the most convenient length of extension tubes from 30 mm to 5 mm length with thread connection of M48 x 0.75 mm in one set. These are used for adjusting different distances of your astro-imaging camera to the focal plane of the telescope or the corrector/field flattener. There is an M48 x 0.75 internal and external thread in each individual tube. This particular thread is also called large T2 photo thread or 2.0 inch filter thread. Camera specific bayonet adapters or filters can be used with these extension rings by virtue of their design.

5 different tubes are in this set. These tubes (rings) have the extension distances of 30 mm, 20 mm, 15 mm, 10 mm, and 5 mm. The larger free inner diameter of 45.0 mm effectively prevents undesired vignetting of the camera sensor. The outer diameter of the sleeves is exactly 50.65 mm. This design feature means that each ring can be mounted directly in any 2 inch diameter eyepiece adapter. That feature makes them even more convenient and useful!

This product comes with a Limited USA One Year Warranty from Explore Scientific, when product is registered within 60 days of purchase.


Manufacturer: Explore Scientific
Mfr. SKU: 510381
Function: A set of five Extension Tubes (Rings)
Connection: M48 x 0.75 mm threads
Material: Aluminum metal
Color: Black
Sizes Marked: Yes, each ring is marked with ID of length