Explore Scientific EXOS II Mount with Open GOTO PMC-8-II - ES-EXOS2GTPMCT3-00

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Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount
with PMC-8 OpenGOTO Electronics

Enjoy the latest version of the fantastic Open GOTO PMC-8-II System on the Explore Scientific EXOS-2GT German Equatorial Mount.  With the PMC-8-II, the EXOS-2GT, which has a weight capacity of 28 pounds, can be controlled from your Windows PC, tablet, or smartphone with the free ExploreStars app.  The PMC-8 EXOS2-GT offers nine tracking speeds, and precision ball bearings in RA and Dec help to minimize backlash. The mount has a Vixen-style saddle that will accept a wide range of refractors, short Newtonians, or Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

The adjustable tripod that supports the EXOS2-GT is made of stainless steel and has large 2" diameter legs for excellent support. A cast aluminum spreader bar helps stabilize the mount and has a place to store a few eyepieces. A bubble level is built into the system, allowing you to more easily set up and align your scope. Also included is a 22-pound counterweight. Additional counterweights are available separately should you need them.

Explore PMC-8 Open GoTo Electronics Features

    • Guide the PMC-Eight with the free ExploreStars app, which can easily locate 70,000 objects, or use your own ASCOM-compliant sky software


    • Operates with Windows® PC, Tablet, or Smartphone - not included


    • 2-Channel Multi-Processor Micro-controller


    • Eight CPU’s run independently and have deterministic behavior


    • Stores parameters in 64-kb EEPROM non-volatile memory bank


    • Wireless Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function


    • ST4 Autoguide port


    • Open Source software lets you add customized lists and features or download custom features other PMC-8 owners have created


The Explore Scientific PMC-8 electronics offer amazing flexibility, with a 2-channel multi-processor, 8 independent CPU’s, and the only wireless ASCOM driver on the market today. ExploreStars OpenGoto Software, an Explore Scientific open source app available for free from the Microsoft App store, allows users to operate the PMC-8 electronics wirelessly using a Windows tablet or smartphone. If you prefer to forego using a smartphone or tablet, the PMC-8/ExploreStars driven telescope can also be operated wirelessly or wired using other popular astronomy software programs from your computer via ASCOM.

Once you have downloaded the Explore Stars app, you will have access to a large database of over 70,000 stars as well as the entire Messier Catalog and Solar System objects. Additional catalog downloads are available on the Explore website, including the NGC and IC catalog, and special guided tours can also be reached from the ExploreStars pull-down menu. Other features available from the menu include 2-star and 3-star alignment procedures, the sync button, the park position, a search feature, and an input screen to enter RA and DEC coordinate information. A numerical keypad allows for selectable and user enterable GOTO speeds for slewing, centering and guiding rates. You can also set sidereal, king, lunar, solar, and user-defined tracking rates.

What really makes Explore Scientific’s PMC-8 unique is its open architecture. Download Explore’s SDK and program the PMC-Eight with your own code to create a customized list of objects or commands and then share it with other members of the OpenGOTO Software Community. If you don’t code, you can still download custom lists and features from other PMC-8 owners who do!

The PMC-Eight-enabled EXOS-2GT Equatorial Mount, with its built-in wireless ASCOM driver, can be controlled by any ASCOM compliant software including Maxim DL, The Sky, Starry Night, SkyTools 3, AstroArt, Cartes du Ciel, DeepSky, MaxPoint, Stellarium, Star Atlas Pro, and many more. GPS compatibility and auto time/date setting are dependent on the receiver you have on your computer, tablet, or phone.