Explore Scientific Astro R-Lite Astronomer's Red Flashlight - FL1001

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Explore Scientific Astro R-Lite Astronomer's Red Flashlight

The Explore Scientific Astro R-Lite is a new product from Explore Scientific which will be especially useful to astronomers who need to read information or see equipment controls in the dark while their eyes are dark-adapted. The Explore Scientific Astro R-Lite has been custom designed by ES engineers with a special and proprietary filter inserted to allow this compact flashlight to perform at the optimum brightness and intensity for dark-adapted astronomers. Once you get in a dark location and turn it on, you will see exactly what we are talking about.

The Astro R-Lite is lightweight and when using the required AA battery, which is not included, it weighs in at only 2.7 oz. It’s overall length of 3.66” is designed to make it a perfect must-have tool for an astronomer’s night out. Its small size and built-in pocket clip make it perfect to keep it handy to use in your pocket or on your belt. The included Explore Scientific neck strap allows for extra quick access when it is carried around your neck.

The Astro R-Lite produces the ideal brightness to protect the user’s night vision during viewing sessions, while imaging or walking around on the field. It won't blind your neighbor or visitors either. The high-performance LED will operate and last up to 3 non-stop hours of non-diminishing brightness, on a single new AA battery.

Clicking the bright orange button of the Astro R-Lite controls the light beam. Repeated clicking will provide High, High-low, Low, Extra-Low, and Flashing Mode which is available for use during SOS emergencies. And another great feature which is built in: The Astro R-Lite has a sliding control that quickly changes the beam intensity on the high and low modes to fit rapidly changing lighting needs. Zoom in to reduce the intensity of the beam, zoom out to intensify the beam. This flashlight is built for rough handling, being made of aluminum. This Explore Scientific Astro R-Lite Astronomer's Red Flashlight can survive accidental drops, temporary water submersions, and it is sure to performs reliably in all weather conditions.