Explore Scientific 9 mm 120º Series Eyepiece - 2" - EPWP12009-01

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Explore Scientific 9 mm 120º Series Eyepiece - 2"

This is the amazing Explore Scientific 9 mm 120° Series Argon-Purged, Waterproof Eyepiece; with EMD Coatings; 2" barrel. Weighs 21.2 oz/ 1.3 lb.

The Explore Scientific 9mm 120° Series™ eyepiece really is in a class by itself. The 120° apparent field of view is unlike anything you have experienced before. Normally, when we look through hyper wide field eyepieces, we see a huge swath of the night sky at low magnification. With the 9mm 120°, however, you see even more universe "real estate", but you also see the main attraction, whether it is a nebulae, a galaxy, or a star cluster, close up and personal. In our opinion, it is the best of both worlds.

With such a wide field, you will also notice that objects stay in the field of view for a long time. This is especially noticeable when your telescope does not have a drive, like a Dobsonian or a refractor on a grab and go mount like the Explore Scientific Twilight I.