Tele Vue Ethos/Delos Eyepiece Carrying Case - ETB-0020

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About the TeleVue Ethos/Delos Eyepiece Carrying Case...

Do you love your TeleVue Ethos Telescope Eyepiece? Show it with a Televue Eyepiece Carry Bag! The Televue soft telescope eyepiece case is a wonderful tool for carrying your TeleVue Eyepiece Filters and TeleVue Telescope Eyepieces. (Ok, you can carry non-Televue telescope eyepieces too. ;).


You'll appreciate the Televue Ethos/Delos Eyepiece Carry Bag. Flexibility from the dual hole, split foam interior provides proper size and depth for holding many different telescope eyepieces types and TeleVue Telescope Accessories. The dense foam protects TeleVue Telescope Eyepieces from shock and holds the case rigid. It will not flex even when loaded. The bag is an attractive medium gray nylon material, with foam inner liner. The exterior bag dimensions are 21" L x 9" W x 6" D. Carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap are included.


Be sure to check out our line of TeleVue Telescopes, TeleVue Telescope Mounts and TeleVue Telescope Accessories. Don't forget TeleVue Telescope Eyepieces, TeleVue Dioptrx and TeleVue Eyepiece Filters, too!



TeleVue Ethos/Delos Eyepiece Carrying Case Features...


  • Soft carrying case designed for Televue Ethos eyepieces.



  • The Televue Ethos Eyepiece Carry Bag is crafted from medium gray, water resistant nylon with a Televue logo.



  • Dense foam interior with a wide variety of holes and cut outs.



  • The Televue Eyepiece Carry Bag measures 21" L x 9" W x 6" D.



  • Carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap are included.



TeleVue Ethos/Delos Eyepiece Carrying Case Specifications...

Equipment Type: Eyepiece Carry Bag

Application: Delos and Ethos Eyepieces

Construction: Nylon

Interior: Die-cut Foam

Color: Gray

Dimensions: 21" L x 9" W x 6" D

TeleVue Product Number: ETB-0020