Tele Vue Dioptrx 0.75 Astigmatism Corrector - DRX-0075

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TeleVue Dioptrx 0.75 Astigmatism Corrector for TeleVue Eyepieces...

Got astigmatism? Get the "cure"...


Your telescope's focuser is used to compensate for your near- or far-sightedness; TeleVue Dioptrx compensates for your astigmatism. These units attach and lock onto the tops of over 20 long eye-relief Tele Vue eyepieces to achieve the sharpest full-field viewing possible.


TeleVue Dioptrx models are available in .25 to 3.25 diopter (1/4 steps from .25 to 2.50 diopters, then 1/2 diopter steps to 3.50 diopters), and are rotatable for tuning to the best orientation. A series of engraved letters on the barrel helps to monitor orientation. Simply choose the Dioptrx model that matches your eyeglass prescription for astigmatism. All lenses are multi-coated glass in anodized aluminum housings with rubber eyeguards.



TeleVue Dioptrx 0.75 Astigmatism Corrector for TeleVue Eyepieces Features...


  • The Dioptrx is always completely aligned to the eyepiece optics, eliminating aberrations from a decentered mismatch of eyeglass power and astigmatic axis.



  • Dioptrx can be rotated to exactly compensate for the astigmatic axis angle in real time, since both head angle and age can vary your eyesight astigmatic angle.



  • Dioptrx likely has better multi-coatings than eyeglasses, and certainly is better in transmission and reflection reduction than uncoated eyeglass.



  • Dioptrx is more likely to be cleaner than eyeglasses, which may have scratches and smudges from constant use and wear and tear.



  • Dioptrx allows seeing your normal maximum contrast that eyeglasses can diminish (remove your eyeglasses and see how contrast improves in normal vision).



TeleVue Dioptrx 0.75 Astigmatism Corrector for TeleVue Eyepieces Specifications...

Equipment Type: Astigmatism Corrector

Factor: 0.75

Application: TeleVue Eyepieces

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

TeleVue Product Number: DRX-0075