Tele Vue Dioptrx Adapter for 19mm & 24mm Panoptic - DEA-0001

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(DEA-0001) Dioptrx Adapter - Panoptic


Televue Dioptrx Adapter - Panoptic



The Televue Dioptrx Adapter - DEA-0001 works with any TeleVue Dioptrx corrector.



Designed for use with Tele Vue eyepieces that have smaller eyeguards, like the 19mm Panoptic, the 24mm Panoptic, and the 20mm Nagler Type 5.



The Televue Dioptrx Adapter - DEA-0001 works very well when binoviewing with these eyepieces and a Dioptrx.



Televue Dioptrx Adapter - Panoptic

This adapter (DEA-0001) converts eyepieces with small eyeguards to larger eyeguards, so DIOPTRX" can be installed. Note that these eyepieces have shorter eye relief than others recommended for DIOPTRX", so to minimize any vignetting, it''s best to use these for deep-sky applications where your eye pupil is large. Also, when using them for Bino-viewers, you may encounter "nose relief" limitations because DIOPTRX" reduces the normal eyepiece eye relief.