StarField 12" f/5 Dobsonian Telescope - SF-DOB-12

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This StarField 12" Dobsonian is big, but boy, does it deliver! The 12" is also a hefty step up from even the very satisfying 10" model, with 44% more light! With a huge 12" of aperture, you'll enjoy hundreds and hundreds of astronomical objects, from the Moon and planets to a mind-boggling array of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, double stars and more!

A Dobsonian telescope is fast and easy to set up and use. Simply place the optical tube in the slots on the rotating base, pop in an eyepiece and start observing! We recommend a good star chart to help you find your way around the sky as well as a red flashlight to keep your eyes dark-adapted. The Dobsonian is so popular, many amateur astronomers keep theirs even if they decide to buy an equatorially mounted telescope for astrophotography!

This 12" StarField Dobsonian has a focal ratio of f/5 and 1520 mm of focal length. The diffraction-limited optics come with enhanced aluminum coatings with 94% reflectivity and are over-coated with quartz to insure your viewing pleasure for years to come. The 2" dual speed (1:10) Crayford-style focuser is sturdy and smooth, and you'll be observing right out of the box with the included 2" 30 mm and 1.25" 9 mm eyepieces! To top it all off, the StarField 12" Dob comes with an 8x50 finder scope to help you "scope" out celestial objects with ease!


  • 12" (305mm) Newtonian Design
  • F/5 Focal Ratio
  • 1520mm Focal Length
  • 0.5mm Spider Vane Support
  • Enhanced Aluminum Coating, 94% Reflectivity
  • Quartz Over-coated
  • 2" Dual Speed 1:10 Crayford Focuser
  • 1898X Light Gathering Power
  • 43.5X Minimum Magnification
  • 720X Maximum Magnification
  • 0.46 Arc Second Resolution (Dawes Limit)
  • Central Obstruction : 25% Linear (6.3% By Area)
  • Diffraction Limited Optics (1/12 Wave RMS Precision)
  • Magnification : Eyepiece 1 (30mm) : 51X
  • Magnification : Eyepiece 2 (9mm) : 169X
  • Dobsonian Mount Design With Altitude Tension Bearing System
  • Weight : Tube 19.5Kg Base 13.5 Kg
  • Tube Material : Metal
  • Base Material : Wood

Included Items

  • 12" f/5 Deluxe Dobsonian Telescope
  • Dobsonian Mount Base
  • 2" 30mm Superview Eyepiece
  • 1.25" 9mm Super Plossl Eyepiece
  • 8X50 Finderscope
  • 2" Focuser Extension 35mm
  • 2" To 1.25" Brass Compression Ring
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty