SkyMentor Moon & Skyglow Filter - 1.25" Filter

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  • SKU SM-10924

SkyMentor Moon & Skyglow Filter -1.25" 


  • 1.25" moon and skyglow filter is a multi band pass filter transmitting a high percentage of light in the visual spectrum;the filter enhances contrast when observing brighter objects including the moon and planets
  • Telescope eyepiece cutting light pollution;the filter has a mild effect of darkening the background of the night sky so that the fainter objects are more clearly seen contrasted against the blackness of space
  • The filter effectively filters out selective wavelengths of low pressure sodium and other man made sources typically used in street lighting; although it is not a nebula filter; it enhances the views of deep sky objects by increasing the contrast of these objects against the background sky
  • The filter will fit all standard sized 1.25" eyepieces and accessories;