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About the Baader Classic Q-Turret Eyepiece Set...

Even before the disappearance of the famed Baader Genuine Orthoscopics, Baader Planetarium sought to develop a true Planetary eyepiece set that was accessible for any amateur - without breaking their bank. Introducing the Baader Planetarium Classic Eyepieces and Q-Turret Eyepiece sets.


Foregoing fancy (and costly) cosmetics, the Classic Eyepieces deliver where it counts - performance. Their sharpness and contrast rival other ''planetary'' eyepieces costing much more. To achieve this performance and value, Baader drew upon their extensive in-house knowledge and experience, combined with optical designs and processes leveraged from Zeiss.


The Classic Q-Barlow has been optically matched to the Baader Classic Q-Turret Eyepieces, and its 2.25X magnification gives a well spaced set of focal lengths. It''s removable lens cell can also be unthreaded from the 1.25" barrel, and directly threaded onto any of the eyepieces to give 1.3X, further filling in the choice of focal lengths. Alternatively, it can be directly threaded onto the 1.25" barrel of the Q-Turret to give 2.25X with all 4 eyepieces.


The perfect complement to the Baader Classic Q-Turret Eyepieces. Baader''s new 4 position Q-Turret enables rapid magnification change with a twist of the turret. The concave body shape results in a very short optical path length (38mm), enabling the turret to be used even in many Newtonians. The 1.25" OD barrel is threaded for 1.25" astro-filters, as well as the 2.25X Q-Barlow.


Also the perfect tool for imagers. The Q-Turret enables rapid, and parfocal, changing between an eyepiece and CCD cameras / webcams.


Packaged together in a fitted foam lined decorative Astro-Box, the 4 Classic Eyepieces, Q-Barlow, and Q-Turret form a complete set of high quality eyepieces that deliver an extensive range of instantly accessible focal lengths for the astronomical enthusiast (2.7mm, 4.6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, 32mm).



Baader Classic Q-Turret Eyepiece Set Features...


  • Optical design and manufacturing specs based on the highly regarded Zeiss Jena .965 orthoscopics (not any Japanese or Chinese makes).



  • Fully Multi-Coated: All air-to-glass surfaces coated with Baader''s HT MultiCoatings, specifically matched to each substrate.



  • Excellent Ergonomics: The innovative recessed volcano top provides clearance for eyelashes and enables a comfortably located eyepoint without the stray light problems of a full volcano top.



  • Integrated winged folding rubber eyecup: Eliminates distracting stray side-light, enabling full concentration on the object, as well as providing a thermally insulating and soft non-scratching top surface (ie, for eyeglass wearers). Also outstanding for BinoViewing. May be folded down or removed, if needed .



  • 50 degree apparent field (6/10/18mm Ortho): Makes finding and centering objects at high powers easier than typical 40-45 deg eyepieces.



  • Threaded for 1.25" Astro Filters.



Baader Classic Q-Turret Eyepiece Set Includes...

Baader Classic Ortho, 6mm (#BCO-6)

Baader Classic Ortho, 10mm (#BCO-10)

Baader Classic Ortho, 18mm (#BCO-18)

Baader Classic Plossl, 32mm (#BCP-32) includes eyeguard extension tube

Baader Q-Barlow, 2.25X (#BQB) includes removable housing

Baader Q-Turret (#BQT)

Baader AstroBox #1 (M31), (#BAB)

Baader Planetarium Product Number: BCQ-SET