Coronado Cemax 12mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" - CE12

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About the Coronado Cemax 12mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25"...

In the construction of Solar filters and associated instrumentation, Coronado takes enormous care to optimise contrast by minimising the number of components and designing them so that they do not result in creating residual reflections and spurious light near the image. Until now, the only component not included in this overall approach was the eyepiece. Now the Coronado Cemax Solar Eyepiece fills this need. Specifically designed for use at H-Alpha and multi coated on every surface (including cemented surfaces), the Cemax eyepieces are the ultimate in contrast enhancement for the Solar observer.

Safety Note: The Cemax Eyepieces are NOT solar filters! For safe solar observing, they must be used in conjunction with a safe solar filter.

Coronado Cemax 12mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" Features...

  • Generous 52 degree field of view


  • Very comfortable 20mm of eye relief


  • Eliminates residual reflections and spurious light near the image


  • Specifically designed for use at H-Alpha and multi coated on every surface


Coronado Cemax 12mm Solar Eyepiece - 1.25" Specifications...

Eyepiece Type: Solar Eyepiece

Barrel Size: 1.25"

Focal Length: 12mm

Eye Relief: 20mm

Field of View: 52 degrees

Coronado Product Number: CE12

User Comments...

"Message : Just wanted to let you know that I'''ve been able to use my new CEMAX eyepieces this week and compare them to other of my eyepieces. I was astonished at how much better - clear, crisp, contrast, detail - the CEMAX eyepieces were. I compared them against Televue Plossls, Panoptics, Radians and Naglers. Televue makes superb eyepieces - notwithstanding, the CEMAX were definitely better for solar viewing using the SolarMax 40mm set and T-Max tuner. Thanks for the great views." - Mr Joseph Busch

"Hi Gerry, The new coronado solar max eyepiece'''s set a new standard for Ha observing.I compared the new solar max eyepieces (CEMAX) against all the eyepieces in my extensive collection and not one could equal the clear transmission of the Ha in yours. You have another winner. Regards, Jack Newton".

"I have to add my cudos for the new Cemax eyepieces. My set arrived last week, and I couldn'''t be more pleased. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful machining and attention to mechanical detail. The tolerances on the barlow, in particular, are very impressive. The eyepieces actually make a whooshing sound when you insert them in to the barlow. The lenses and coatings of all three eyepieces and the barlow appear flawless. Optically they Cemax'''s perform every bit as good as they look. Contrast is excellent, and that warm red glow from scatter in my other eyepieces is gone, allowing me to see prominence detail that is invisible with other eyepieces. This is probably the result of the advertized optimized coatings. Whatever it is, I like it. Thanks for another great product!" - Craig Anderson