Celestron Thermistor for Smart DewHeater Controllers - 94037

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The Celestron Thermistor is an accessory for the Smart DewHeater Controller (sold separately).  It works in conjunction with a third-party dew heating strip and allows the Celestron Smart DewHeater controller to deliver the right amount of warmth to your telescope's corrector to prevent dew while still preserving battery power.

Please note that you do NOT need this thermistor if you are using a Celestron Dew Heater Ring.  The dew heater ring already contains a built-in thermistor.

To use the Celestron Thermistor, wrap the third-party heating band around your telescope and then slip the Thermistor's sealed probe tip under the band.  Plug the Thermistor and the heating band into the corresponding port of the Smart DewHeater Controller.

Plug: 2.5mm Audio
Cable Length: 1828.8mm (72")