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Celestron StarPointer Finderscope

  • The Celestron Star Pointer Finderscope adds “point & look” functionality to any telescope
  • This red dot finder keeps the sky right-side up, matching what you see with your unaided eyes
  • The adjustable red dot is bright enough to see day or night
  • StarPointer Finderscope by Celestron will attach to just about any telescope thanks to the small footprint; even works great with astronomical binoculars and spotting scopes
  • Includes a mounting base and a long-lasting CR2032 3V battery

The Celestron Star Pointer Finderscope is the way to go if you want the easiest way possible to locate an object and center it in your eyepiece.

A red dot finder, unlike an optical finder, has 1x magnification, displays a super wide field of view, and keeps the sky right side up and left-to-right correct, matching what you see with your unaided eyes.   A built-in LED creates a red dot, which appears to be at infinity superimposed on a viewing screen, so you simply point the Star Pointer Finderscope by Celestron to the area or object you wish to observe, look through your eyepiece, and if properly aligned the area in and around place you pointed the red dot will be centered in the field of view. This finder has adjustment knobs to let you easily align it to your telescope.

If you like the idea of having some magnification, try installing both a red dot and optical finder on your telescope. Schmidt-Cassegrain and EdgeHD telescopes have multiple mounting bracket holes so you can get the best of both worlds. Just make sure to align both of them correctly, and you’ll get the best use out of each of your finders. This Celestron Star Pointer Finderscope will get you going fast when locating objects, so you can spend more time enjoying viewing with your telescope. This finder includes a mounting base and a CR2032 battery to power the LED.