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Celestron SkyMaps Star Charts & Planisphere (Northern)

  • Celestron SkyMaps Chart with glow-in-the-dark planisphere tells you which constellations are up for any date or time, and at a moment’s notice
  • Seasonal star charts display the locations of the best deep-sky objects for summer, winter, spring, and autumn
  • This SkyMaps Star Charts by Celestron is made with heavy card stock with a protective overcoat that will hold up to years of use
  • Plastic spiral binding lets star charts lay flat for easiest use while observing the sky
  • For use in the Northern Hemisphere only

Learn the night skies of the Northern Hemisphere with Celestron Sky Maps!  This classic collection of seasonal star charts, topped off by a glow-in-the-dark luminous star finder or planisphere, has been around for years!  It continues to be so popular because beginning stargazers as well as seasoned amateur astronomers find that this book provides most everything they need to find constellations quickly and delve into seasonal night sky treasures with ease. 

The front cover of this SkyMaps Star Charts by Celestron will be used well and often!  It is a planisphere—a rotatable star wheel that can be aligned with any date and time (past, present & future), resulting in a display of the night sky for that period of time.  When the star finder is pre-exposed to light, all of the major stars will glow in the dark, mimicking the way they actually look in the night sky.

Inside is a collection of more detailed star charts for each of the four seasons.  The charts are clear and concise, allowing you to find objects in the sky with your binoculars or telescope by “star-hopping.”  An illustrated reference section provides information on various types of objects. 

Celestron Sky Maps Star Charts and Planisphere are made from 13-1/4” x 11-1/4” water-resistant, heavy-duty card stock for years of enjoyment and use.  A plastic spiral comb holds the pages together securely, but allows them to lay completely flat for easy use in the field. This set of Star Charts with included Planisphere will be a favorite asset to your astronomy hobby.