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Celestron Labs CM400 Compound Microscope

  • Lab-ready Compound Microscope - Biological & Other
  • Rotatable Monocular Head
  • Three Objectives: 4x, 10x and 40x lenses
  • 10x eyepiece allows you to view specimens at 40x, 100x, 400x magnification
  • Built-in, adjustable, upper and lower LED illumination
  • Easy to Use; easy to transport
  • 3 AA batteries included for field use
  • 10 prepared slides are included

The Celestron Labs CM400 compound microscope offers all the essential features you need in a lab-ready microscope at an economical price. Use this microscope for observing biological specimens, samples from nature, small parts, fabric samples, and many other possibilities. The 10x eyepiece and three objective lenses (4x, 10x and 40x) allow for magnifications of 40x, 100x, and 400x. Take your microscope out of the lab and into the field with its 3 AA batteries which will power the illuminators. There’s even a universal power cord provided for potential international use.

Upper and lower LED-sourced lighting provides bright, detailed views with true-to-life colors for both opaque and translucent specimens. These LED illuminators stay cool to the touch even during long viewing periods. The simple condenser with rotating disc adjusts the lower illumination for enhanced viewing. All these features make the CM400 an excellent tool for labs, schools, field or home use, and more.

Strong and stable thanks to its all-metal construction, this microscope features an adjustable stage with metal clips to center your specimen slides. The 10 included prepared slides guarantee exciting discoveries right out of the box. Rotate your monocular head to view the specimen comfortably or share your view with someone sitting across a table. Exciting learning possibilities await for you, your family, or students!


Type of Microscope Compound
Head 360° rotatable monocular with 45° incline
Eyepiece Magnification (1) WF 10x
Eyepiece Diameter 23.2 mm (0.91")
Nosepiece triple, rotational
Objective(s) Type Refractive
Objective(s) Standard JIS
Objective(s) Magnification (3) 4x/10x/40x, all achromatic
Objective(s) Thread WJ3/5"-1/40"
Focus Type(s) Rack & pinion, coarse focus only
Focus Travel (per rotation) 8 mm (0.31")
Magnification Range 40x to 400x (40x, 100x, 400x)
Illumination Type LED
Illumination Position(s) Lower and upper
Illumination Adjustability Mechanism Dial, both upper and lower offer adjustable intensity
Power Source AC Adapter- 100-240V
Battery Option (3) AA (Included)
Stage Plain stage with metal clips (88 mm x 88 mm or 3.46" x 3.46")
Condenser Type None
Condenser N.A. 0.65
Stage Diaphragm Simple, rotating disc with six aperture sizes
Included Accessories 10x WF eyepiece | Universal AC Adapter- 100-240V; plugs A, C, G, and I | Power adapter cord | 10 prepared slides | 3 AA batteries