Celestron Ha-Hb-OIII Imaging Filter - Rowe-Ackermann 8 Astrograph - 93619

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Celestron Ha-Hb-OIII Imaging Filter - Rowe-Ackermann 8 Astrograph

  • This is a Celestron Ha-Hb-OIII Imaging Filter for the Rowe-Ackermann 8 (RASA) Astrograph
  • Enhance imaging of nebulae with your 8” Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph by blocking light pollution, improving image contrast, and darkening the sky background
  • This filter transmits only the key Hα-Hβ-OIII wavelengths from emission nebulae, providing high contrast that yields better images
  • This filter selectively blocks wavelengths of light from sources of light polluted skies and natural sky glow
  • Unlike similar filters with narrower bandpasses, this filter was engineered specifically to work with RASA’s fast f/2 optics
  • Fits into the 8” RASA’s integrated filter mount, maintaining peak optical performance
  • Optically flat surfaces free of defects, made with Schott glass with anti-reflection coatings

The Celestron Ha-Hb-OIII Imaging Filter made especially for the Rowe-Ackermann 8 (RASA) Astrograph will let you bring out the best in your nebulae astroimages with the H-alpha H-beta OIII (Hα-Hβ-OIII) Imaging Filter. This specialized filter allows high transmission of light from emission nebulae while blocking light pollution, helping to make your images appear with better detail off the black sky background with superior contrast.

This Imaging Filter takes advantage of the fact that many sources of light pollution have relatively discreet emission spectra; they emit primarily at specific wavelengths of light. By strategically blocking these “bad” wavelengths, the filter essentially eliminates the effect of light pollution while letting the “good” wavelengths of light associated with the emission nebula pass through to a camera. You’ll notice much higher contrast in your images immediately, even if imaging from your light polluted backyard! And since the transmission at the key wavelengths you want to image from nebulae is so high, the nebulae will not be dimmed—but the unwanted background will be blacker.

The Hα-Hβ-OIII Imaging Filter for the 8” RASA is perfect for imaging emission nebulae like the North America Nebula (NGC 7000), Lagoon Nebula (M8), Orion Nebula (M42), and the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372). The imaging filter transmits key Hα-Hβ-OIII wavelengths which are most common from the celestial emission nebulae, and that will then produce high contrast for emission nebulae.

NOTE: The transmission for the Hα-Hβ-OIII Imaging Filter is 85% or greater at key wavelengths (486 nm, 496 nm/501 nm, 656 nm) and less than 0.5% transmission elsewhere. The Hα-Hβ-OIII Imaging Filter for the 8” RASA is a narrowband filter that blocks much of the visible spectrum and only allows those specific wavelengths through. Because of this, it will NOT work well on broadband emission objects, such as galaxies and star clusters.


Manufacturer: Celestron
Mfr. SKU: 93619
Function: Ha-Hb-OIII Imaging Filter for Rowe-Ackermann 8" Astrograph
Glass type: Schott B270
Glass thickness: 2 mm (0.078")
Filter diameter: 46 mm (1.81")
Clear aperture: 43 mm (1.69")
Coatings: Dichroic multi-bandpass and multi-layer anti-reflection coatings
Filter cell: Aluminum, black anodized, with a knurled rim