Celestron FirstScope Signature Series Moon by Robert Reeves - 22016

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Celestron FirstScope Signature Series: Moon by Robert Reeves

FirstScope Signature Series: Moon by Robert Reeves - Features:

  • Celestron’s beloved entry-level telescope gets a stunning new look!
  • The Signature Series FirstScope features a superb Moon image by astroimager and Team Celestron member Robert Reeves
  • High-quality tabletop Dobsonian with a 76 mm mirror reflector optical tube
  • FirstScope artwork highlights key features on the lunar surface like craters and maria that you can explore for yourself with the telescope
  • It is a simple, portable design that’s easy to use for astronomers of all levels—a great choice for kids and families
  • No special telescope setup procedure needed to use this scope
  • Also includes a free PDF download of the Lunar Landscapes ebook by Robert Reeves

This compact, lightweight FirstScope Signature Series: Moon telescope by Celestron is an ideal entry-level astronomical telescope. Just remove it from the box, insert an eyepiece, and you’re ready to view. No special setup effort is needed. To navigate the sky, simply rotate the azimuth axis in the direction of your desired object. It doesn’t get much simpler or more portable than the FirstScope. Its compact design makes the FirstScope Signature Series: Moon by Robert Reeves easy to take along on your next camping trip, picnic, or hike. When not in use, the FirstScope Signature Series: Moon by Robert Reeves will be a stylish decorative fixture and conversation starter on your bookshelf or desk.

Familiarize yourself with the Moon, our neighboring world. Robert Reeves’ signature FirstScope comes with a custom wrap that highlights 10 lunar features to explore including Tycho, Plato, and Copernicus. Learn more about the Moon with the included (downloaded) Robert Reeves’ Lunar Landscape eBook, which goes into detail about the sizes of craters, how marias are formed, the natural history of the Moon, and other fascinating tidbits of information. A great educational starter for your children who might just get interested in the astronomy hobby!

Robert Reeves first photographed the Moon in 1959, just as our space program was setting its sights on lunar exploration. Since then, he’s become one of the world’s best lunar imagers and a prolific author on astrophotography. Using Celestron telescopes from his home in Texas, Robert has captured more detailed images than professional astronomers could during the heyday of the Apollo missions.