Celestron FirstScope Accessory Kit - 21024-ACC

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Celestron FirstScope Accessory Kit

  • Get extra enjoyment out of your Celestron FirstScope Telescope!
  • The Celestron FirstScope Accessory Kit includes a Moon filter and two eyepieces which provide 24X and 50X magnification.
  • The 5x24 finderscope makes locating objects much easier.
  • Take your FirstScope telescope anywhere with the nylon carry bag.
  • The FirstScope Accessory Kit includes TheSkyX:  First Light Edition planetarium software for PC and Mac. Learn more about the night sky.

If you have a Celestron FirstScope telescope and want even more versatility and portability, take a look at the Celestron FirstScope Accessory Kit!  It includes six separate pieces that will enhance your observations and help you learn even more about the Universe. 


When you are observing something big, like the Moon, it is fairly easy to point your telescope along its line of sight and get that object in your eyepiece.  However, smaller objects are much easier to locate in your telescope if you have a finderscope to help do the work.  This 5x24 finderscope and bracket is made to attach to the FirstScope without tools.  It magnifies the view by 5X and has optics 24 mm in diameter.  Once you have attached the finderscope to your telescope tube and have done some simple alignments, you will be able to point with the finder instead of the telescope itself.


Anyone who has a telescope will tell you that you can’t have too many eyepieces.  Every eyepiece offers a different magnification and a different field of view.  In the FirstScope Accessory Kit, you will get two 1.25” eyepieces.  One is a 12.5mm model, and will magnify objects 24X more than your eyes alone can see.  The second eyepiece is a 6mm, and will boost the power even further, to 50X.  Remember, the lower the focal length of the eyepiece, the higher the magnification!


The Moon is beautiful, but it is bright, especially when full.  This Accessory Kit for the FirstScope by Celestron includes a Moon filter. A Moon Filter works the same way sunglasses do for your eyes on a bright, sunny day.  The filter lowers the amount of light reaching your eye, and allows it to relax and see details that would not be visible in an unfiltered view of the Moon due to glare.  The Moon Filter screws onto the barrel of all of your 1.25” eyepieces, giving you a choice of filtered magnification. (Note: Do not use the Moon filter for solar observation as this is not safe!)


TheSkyX: First Light Edition is included in the FirstScope Accessory Kit.  The software comes on a DVD-ROM that can be used on PC (Windows 7, XP, and Vista) or Mac (10.4.8 or later) computers.  Learn the constellations, print out star charts for an upcoming observing session, and learn how to identify planets and stars, and more!