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Celestron Deluxe Folding Observer's Map of the Moon

  • Waterproof, Tear-Resistant Plastic Map
  • Lunar topography by renowned lunar cartographer Ralph Aeschliman
  • Double-sided map of the lunar surface
  • Key features like craters and maria that you can explore with your telescope
  • Directory of the best craters and lunar features with coordinates to find them
  • Detailed lunar observing tips and information about key lunar regions on the reverse side
  • Map is 24" x 24" for easy reading or display, but folds to just 8" x 4" for easy transport

The Celestron Deluxe Observer's Map of the Moon is waterproof, tear-resistant, and can be folded into an 8” x 4” size, making it easy to take along on your next camping trip, star party, or any observing site. Will complement the use of a telescope, binoculars, or other optics used for viewing our Moon. When not in use, the Moon map will be a stylish decorative poster on your wall. It makes a great display for your classroom or astronomy club. This lunar map is loaded with useful information.

Celestron has coordinated with the master lunar cartographer Ralph Aeschliman on a two-sided Moon Map. This quality map provides you a great way to familiarize yourself with the Moon, our neighboring world. Whatever objects you are looking for the Moon map will help you navigate the lunar landscape with confidence. You can observe features with your telescope and locate them on the map or vice versa. This map also features a directory of all the key lunar regions with their helpful coordinates, to locate them.

The reverse side of the Celestron Deluxe Folding Observer's Map of the Moon provides close-up photos and information about the most exciting lunar regions to explore. You’ll also find images of the North and South polar regions for reference​. Refer to the lunar observing tips for practical information about the best ways to use your telescope or binoculars to explore the Moon. Whether you are just beginning or an advanced observer, you will find yourself viewing the Moon again and again; have the Observer's Map of the Moon guide you.


Subject of Map: Observer's Map of the Moon - Deluxe
Features: Waterproof, Tear-Resistant Plastic Map
Key Features: Craters and maria; Key lunar regions
Dimensions: 24" x 24"
Dimensions (folded): 8" x 4"
Includes: Detailed lunar observing tips and information
Material: 4.2 mil (thin) HopSyn synthetic
Waterproof: Yes
Tear-resistant: Yes, And Easy To Fold