Celestron Counterweight For Advanced VX Mount - 11lb - 94286

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  • SKU CEL-94286

Celestron Counterweight For Advanced VX Mount

  • Additional 12 pound counterweight for the Celestron Advanced VX Mount
  • Designed to match standard Advanced VX counterweights
  • Sturdy lock knob keeps the counterweight safely on the shaft

If you are loading extra equipment on your Celestron Advanced VX Equatorial Mount, you may need additional counterweights.  This anodized counterweight is made for the 20mm Advanced VX counterweight shaft, and weighs 12 lb, or 5.4 kg.  A sturdy knurled knob locks the counterweight safely in place.

This counterweight is designed for any telescope system that uses the Advanced VX Equatorial Mount. It can also be used on the Advanced CG-5 GT mount. Includes a 2-year warranty.