Baader Single Polarizing Filter 1¼" - FPOL-1

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Baader Single Polarizing Filter 1¼"

  • Baader 1.25" Polarizing Filter - Ideal for solar and planetary observations.
  • For solar work in conjunction with Baader AstroSolar Safety Film or Baader Herschel Wedge Prism (never use any eyepiece filter for solar observation without objective front filter).
  • Enhances contrast during planetary observation.
  • Sealed coating edges prevent air or moisture from entering.

The filter can also be used with a Baader Hershel Wedge to provide an adjustable brightness. Positioned between the Baader Hershel Wedge and Eyepiece the filter/eyepiece combination can then be rotated to adjust brightness.  To screw into 1¼ or 2" eyepieces/threads. Useful in Lunar and Solar observations to limit brightness and increasing contrast. Polarizes the transmitted light.