Baader 2" 90° Astro Amici Prism with BBHS® Coating - AMICI-DX2

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Baader 2"/90° Astro Amici-Prism with BBHS® Coating

This Baader 2"/90° Astro Amici-Prism with BBHS® Coating is an erecting image type astronomical diagonal with a 90° beam folding angle and has 2" nosepiece to fit into standard 2" telescope barrels. It also has a 2" ClickLock-Clamp on the other end to hold your 2" eyepiece.

Exclusively available on Baader Sitall Ceramic Mirrors and on selected Baader prism Star Diagonals: BBHS® reflection coatings predominantly are being utilised on Baader's highest quality-grade 2" BBHS® Star diagonals. BBHS® stands for Broad Band Hard Silver. When applied onto their Sitall (zero expansion glass-ceramics) substrates, these multiple deposited layers of hard silver are being sealed by a set of dielectric layers to achieve long term durability. With this modern advance in coating technology their BBHS® coating lifetime equals that of a high quality AlSiO2 coating, matching the durability of standard aluminium coated diagonals (and telescope mirrors) which have been in wide use for many years. The BBHS® spectral bandpass is much wider though, then the 50 layer all dielectric coatings utilized on the 2" ClickLock Star Diagonals. This wider bandpass is due to the use of the silver coating as the reflective layer.

Features of the Baader 2"/90° Astro Amici-Prism

  • 2" ClickLock-Clamp and 2" nosepiece
  • Suited for astronomical observation at high magnification
  • Hard-silver-coated and protected against aging
  • Astronomical quality, manufactured by Zeiss standard
  • This Amici prism Diagonal provides an erect image