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Baader 8-24 mm Hyperion Universal Mk4 Zoom Eyepiece

  • Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV: fourth generation of Baader-Zoom Eyepieces
  • 68° Widefield eyepiece with five magnifications
  • Focal lenghts 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 mm Clickstop Action
  • Long eye relief, perfectly matched to the human eye
  • Flatfield design – sharp right to the edge of field
  • High Quality Phantom Coating™ Group Multicoatings
  • Large adjustable rubber eyecup, smaller straight rubber eyecup and winged, foldable eyecup included
  • Includes 2" and 1.25" barrels, for all 1¼" binoculars with detachable eye-rest and spotting scope with 1 3/8" thread (Celestron / Sky-Watcher and others)
  • Low Weight (290 g /10.2 oz)
  • Slim design of 55 mm diameter (perfect for binoviewing)
  • Zero-Tilt safety kerfs for secure attachment
  • 4 mm backfocus-gain with spotting scope A-Ring (included)
  • Sufficient distance for clamping screws with telescope adapter B-Ring (included)
  • Eyepiece holster with belt strap – Can attach to tripod leg

The Baader 8-24 mm Hyperion Universal Mk4 Zoom Eyepiece with both 1.25" and 2" nosepieces to fit both sizes, and a ClickStop-Action is the ideal Zoom eyepiece for spotting scopes with interchangeable eyepieces, bino viewers, and for telescopes. Zoom-lenses in general are not typically renowned for having high quality optics. Also many zoom-eyepieces do not deliver the best possible image quality at high magnification because they were designed with the idea of providing best imagery at lower magnifications - a price-point design incentive.

The Baader Hyperion 8-24 mm Zoom Eyepiece was designed for optimum resolution at all selected magnifications. The glass selection and most of all the principal optical design and lens polish quality – all were optimized for the highest magnification. And obviously, when closing in on an object you want the field of view to increase and not to have it become smaller. Hence the Hyperion-Zoom shows the largest apparent field of view at highest magnification. This fact is a major design concept that sets the Baader 8-24 mm Hyperion Universal Mk4 Zoom Eyepiece apart from the competition and in a class by itself. For many birders, observers of nature and astronomers alike, the Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece is their favorite eyepiece, it is also the only zoom-eyepiece that was designed from the start to be used compatibly with bino-viewers.

This "4th generation" of this eyepiece weighs 290 gram and is lighter by 80 grams than its predecessor. It has a reduced 55 mm diameter to become useful in bino-mode providing a low as 55 mm interpupillary distance, especially good for use with bino-viewers. The adjustable eyecup can be removed to expose the M43 video/photo thread and create the maximum "nose space" for using it on binocular viewers with the supplied winged rubber eyecups. The click-stop action has been smoothed out to more easily access the magnification stops at 8/12/16/20 mm and 24 mm (click-stops are mandatory to easily and precisely set both eyepieces to the same focal length for effortless bino-viewer ocular observation without eye-strain).

The zooming-mechanism as well as the inner zooming rails for all lens groups have been modified to improve cold temperature operation and the parfocal ability for each focal length has been fine-tuned. The Mark IV offers almost 4 mm more backfocus. This is most beneficial for application with a multitude of spotting scopes. Two different Adapters for telescope and spotting scope applications are included with this eyepiece product: Spotting-Scope Adapter "A" and Telescope-Adapter "B".

The 8-24 mm Hyperion Universal Mk4 Zoom Eyepiece from Baader comes with both the 2" and 1¼" nosepieces mounted, each nosepiece having its own dust cap. Both nosepieces are threaded to accept either 1.25" or 2" eyepiece filters. Both nosepieces are free of undercuts. Instead Baader's proprietary Zero-Tilt Safety-Kerfs provide an added measure of security by reducing the tendency of an eyepiece to slip from a loose eyepiece clamp. An additional little feature is the included Baader-yellow soft pouch with integrated belt strap – which fastens onto many tripod legs just as well. This is a safe place to keep your eyepiece and to serve as storage for all dustcaps.

What is Included in the box? - Baader 8-24 mm Hyperion Universal Mk4 Zoom Eyepiece, 2 Nosepieces (Barrels) 1.25" and 2", three eyecups, Baader-yellow soft pouch with integrated belt strap, mfgr. packaged box.


Product: 8-24 mm Hyperion Universal Mk4 Zoom Eyepiece
Lenses: 7
Groups: 4
Focal Lengths: FL = 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm
Field of View: 68° at 8 mm FL to 48° at 24 mm FL
Parfocal: Yes, across entire zoom range
Eye relief: 19 mm at 8 mm FL to 16 mm at 24 mm FL
Height: 81 mm, with barrels removed
Outer Diam: 55 mm
Barrels (Sizes): 1.25", and 2"
Weight: 290 grams (1.25"); 309 grams (2")
Lens Coating: "Phantom Coating" - Baader - Group Multicoated
Baader SKU: 2454826