Celestron Auxillary Port Splitter - 93919

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About the Celestron Auxillary Port Splitter...

Connect the StarSense Accessory to your Celestron mount with this Celestron Auxillary Port Splitter. Parallel adapter splits a single modular 6-pin auxiliary or hand controller port into two. Ideal for connecting the StarSense Accessory to telescopes with only one hand controller port, allowing the StarSense hand controller and camera to connect to the mount.



Celestron Auxillary Port Splitter Features...


  • Dual 6-pin auxiliary port input



  • Single 6-pin auxiliary port output



  • Required accessory for connecting StarSense Accessory to Celestron mounts with only one hand controller port



Celestron Auxillary Port Splitter Specifications...

Equipment Type: Port Splitter

Application: StarSense Accessory to Celestron Mount w/ one hand controller port

Input: Dual 6 pin

Output: Single 6 pin

Celestron Product Number: 93919