Askar FRA300 - 300 mm f/5 Quintuplet Petzval APO Astrograph - FRA300-PRO

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Askar FRA300 Petzval APO Astrograph

  • Quintuplet Petzval Lens Astrograph
  • 300 mm Focal Length
  • 60 mm Aperture; f/5
  • Full-frame 44 mm Image Circle
  • 2.5" Focuser with microfine adjuster control
  • 360° Rotator mechanism included
  • Includes M54 and M48 adapters
  • Beautiful Vixen pigeon tail plate, artistic rings with multi-function handle

The Askar FRA300 Pro is a Petzval quintuplet refractive system designed for flat-field astro-imaging applications. The FRA designation stands for "Flatfield Refractive Astrograph". While this optical system can also be used for fine, highest quality APO visual observations with your own star diagonal and eyepieces, it really shines when used with your own camera for astrophotography purposes. It provides a super flat field image with versatile high-quality APO images of celestial objects.

The FRA300 is a 60 mm APO Astrograph with a 300 mm focal length and a focal ratio of f/5.  There are five lenses in the quintuplet Petzval design...three are located up front, and one element is made of ED glass.  The fourth and fifth elements, called the rear group, are placed just in front of and behind the focuser.  These two separated lenses improve star dot quality as well as correct for aberration.  All elements have full multi-layer coatings. 

Askar's FRA300 Pro supports full frame imaging with a 44 mm image circle. The 2.5" focuser aboard this 60 mm Astrograph has dual speed focusing controls and a 360-degree rotator.  Frame your shot anyway you like and then focus with both coarse and fine dials.  There are four holes on top of the focuser body that will accept, for instance, a motor focus bracket.  The fifth hole, directly in the center, is used for locking the focuser in place.

The FRA300 Pro has a patented multi-functional attachment system. Besides being stylish and beautiful, the FRA mounting ring comes with a multi-functional handle/saddle.  Slide a standard finder or guidescope on the handle, or use it to attach any other accessory that uses a Vixen dovetail. The 300 mm Vixen-style mounting plate matches the ring , stalk and handle and will fit any mount with a Vixen-style saddle, dual saddle, or that can be converted from a Losmandy (larger) saddle to one that accepts a Vixen plate.  



  • Aperture: 60mm
  • Focal length: 300mm
  • Focal Ratio: F5
  • Objective Type: five-element ED fully separated Petzval APO
  • Image Circle: 44mm full frame
  • Total Length: 303mm
  • Body Weight: 2.2kg
  • Standard Weight: 3.1kg
  • Terminal Interface: M48×0.75 external thread
  • Standard accessories: Cradle Ring, Handle/Vixen Saddle, 300 mm Mounting Plate, M54×0.75 adapter, M42×0.75 adapter, warranty and instruction manual