Askar ColourMagic Duo-Band C Filter Package - Ha/OIII & SII/OIII Filters - 2"

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Save some money & enhance SII, OIII & Ha with this Color Magic 2" Filter Set.

Designed for deep-sky imaging of emission nebulae with a color camera, the Askar ColourMagic C1 & C2 Duo-Band Filter Package permits SII, H-alpha and Oxygen III wavelengths through while blocking those that contribute to light pollution.  The C1 filter enhances Ha & OIII, while the C2 filter in this package enhances SII & OIII.  Use them together for optimum results!

The peak transmission is 90% at the center wavelength of 672nm, 656.6nm, & 500.7nm, .  This combination will enhance contrast, darken the background sky, and produce better images of emission nebulae.  

While these filters are similar to the D1 duo-narrowband filters, the C filters are improved as far as peak transmission (90% vs 85%) and filter thickness (2mm vs 1.85mm).

ColourMagic C Duo-Band Filter Package Specifications

FWHM:  OIII = 35nm+/-5nm, Ha = 15nm+/-3nm, SII = 15nm+/-3nm

CWL:  500.7nm & 656.6nm, 672nm

Peak Transmittance:  90%

Filter Thickness:  2 +/- 0.05mm

Barrier Property:  OD3 @ 200-1000nm

Surface Finish:  60/40