Askar 1X Flattener for 103 APO Refractor - 1XFLAT

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The Askar 1x flattener keeps the native focal ratio of the Askar 103 APO at f/6.8 while correcting field curvature and coma.  The result is pinpoint stars out to the edges of the field of view, which is wonderful for imaging.

The Askar 1.0x Flattener has a triplet design and supports a 44mm full-frame image circle. The back focus from the M48 thread is a standard 55mm. The front thread of the flattener is M84*1.

At the camera end, the 1X Flattener is equipped with two threads (M54*0.75 and M48*0.75) for easy connection to your camera. 2" filters can be installed if you wish. 

The body of the Askar 1X Flattener is CNC machined for longevity and beauty.  Two end caps are included to keep the optics clean and safe when not in use.

Askar 1X Flattener Specifications

103APO Focal length with Flattener


103APO Focal ratio with Flattener


Optical Design

Triplet design

Back Focus

55mm from the base of M48 male thread



Rear-end thread type

M54×0.75-M48×0.75(M48×0.75 filter thread inside)