Askar 0.6X Reducer for 103 APO Refractor - 0.6XRED

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The Askar 0.6x Reducer is used to reduce the effective focal length of the 103 APO to f/4.  This reducer also works to help flatten the field. A shorter focal ratio allows the OTA to have a wider field of view and faster exposure times, making it suitable for capturing large areas of nebulae, star clusters, and faint, fast-moving celestial objects.

The Askar 103 APO 0.6X Reducer is easy to install.  The rear part of the telescope's OTA is detachable and is removed when using the 0.6 reducer to achieve f/4.  

The Askar 0.6x reducer has a quad optical design and supports a 44mm full-frame image circle. 

The back focus from the M48 male thread is a standard 55mm. The front thread is M84*1. At the camera end, it is equipped with three (3) adapter sizes: M54*0.75, M48*0.75, and M68*1. You can install 2" threaded filters, as the M48*0.75 adapter has the proper threads built-in.

The body of the 0.6X Reducer is CNC machined and anodized black for longevity and beauty.  Protective caps for both ends of the reducer are included in this package.

Askar 0.6X Reducer Specifications

103APO Focal length with 0.6X Reducer


103APO Focal ratio with 0.6X Reducer


Optical Design

Quad design

Back Focus

55mm from the base of M48 male thread



Thread Types for Rear of Reducer M68×1
M54×0.75-M48×0.75 (M48×0.75 filter thread inside)