Arcturus 2" Filter Slider (pre-owned)

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  • SKU USED122207
  • Convenient filter slider makes it easy to use multiple 2" filters
  • Holds filters in same orientation as an eyepiece for maximum transmission
  • Quickly compare the enhancing effects of up to 4 different 2" filters
  • Requires approximately 24mm of inward focus travel - not recommended for use with Newtonian reflectors

Use this handy 2" filter slider to quickly switch between up to four 2" eyepiece filters to enhance and improve your views. With this slider, you'll be able to use multiple filters without the hassle of repeatedly removing and replacing an eyepiece to switch individual filters. 

Using a variety of different eyepiece filters is an effective way to enhance visual observations of the planets and Moon, and more distant deep-sky targets including nebulas, galaxies and star clusters. Usually, a single filter is attached to an eyepiece, then the combination of eyepiece and filter is inserted into a telescope focuser to achieve a filtered view. To change the filter, you would normally have to remove the eyepiece from the telescope, unthread and exchange the filter, then re-insert the eyepiece and adjust focus. This process can be a hassle, especially if you wish to use more than one 2" filter during a single stargazing session to compare filtration effects. The Arcturus 4-Slot 2" Filter Slider takes the hassle out of the process by allowing you to switch between up to four 2" filters quickly and easily.

Filters are not included.