Antares M42 Variable Extender Camera Adapter - TEXT-42

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Antares Variable M42 Extender

Product Highlights:

  • Antares Variable M42 Extender
  • Male-to-Female Adapter for M42 Threads
  • Provides Spacing of 31 mm up to 49 mm
  • Used to set a precision back focus for a camera
  • Accepts standard 2" threaded filters

The Antares TEXT42 Variable M42 Camera Adapter is a device which allows you to set a desired precise back focus distance for doing astro-imaging with your camera and telescope. Astro-imaging using intermediary lens systems can require a precision back focus to the image plane so as to obtain the best color and eliminate any field curvature. With this Male-to-Female M42 adapter you can have a separation range of 31 mm - 49 mm. Lets you set up your camera for the optimal imaging situation. Comes with a locking ring and accepts 2" filters.


Manufacturer: Antares
Antares Model No: TEXT-42
Function: Variable Spacing M42 Camera Adapter
Thread Size: M42x0.75 mm threads
Mates To: male on one end; female on other end