Antares SCT to 2" Twist Lock Adapter - T2TL

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Antares SCT to 2" Adapter - Twist-Lock Retention

Product Highlights:

  • Antares SCT to 2" Adapter - Twist-Lock
  • Converts SCT thread cell mounting to a 2" smooth barrel
  • Has a Twist-Lock mechanism to retain component
  • Accepts standard 2" size, M48x0.6 mm thread filters

The Antares T2TL SCT to 2" Adapter with a Twist-Lock retention mechanism will adapt your SCT rear cell mounting to provide a 2" smooth barrel for quickly attaching 2" eyepieces or accessories to the telescope. Tired of threading your Schmidt-Cassegrain accessories on and off? Now you can switch to a smooth 2" barrel with a T2TL; it's quicker and a lot easier to attach or remove accessories in the dark. Retains with a Twist-Lock. Works with any barrel design, smooth, grooved, or tapered. Threaded for 2" filters.


Manufacturer: Antares
Antares Model No: T2TL
Function: Adapter Barrel, SCT to 2"; Twist-Lock
Barrel Size: 2"
Mates To: SCT Rear Cell Threads