Antares Red Dot Finder with Universal Dovetail Shoe - RDFURB

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Antares Red Dot Finder

Product Highlights:

  • Antares Red Dot Finder
  • Straight through viewing design
  • Reflex viewing design
  • 1:1 Magnification
  • Red dot appears to be on the sky
  • Illuminator - Battery operated
  • Includes an Antares Universal Dovetail Shoe
  • Black Body color

The Antares RDFURB is a conventional Reflex-projection type Red Dot Finder. A red dot finder reflects a spot image from a red LED which appears to be at infinity and seen against the sky. While there is no magnification with these red dot finders, it's a very useful way to get your telescope pointed in the correct general direction. You see the sky exactly as it is in terms of orientation, so you just move your telescope until the red dot image appears to be on top of the object you wish to see with your telescope.

This RDFURB Red dot finder from Antares fits into the FURB Receiver (Shoe) which is also provided.


Manufacturer: Antares
Antares Model No: RDFURB
Function: Red Dot Finder
Image Orientation: 1:1 Correct Sky Image Orientation
Apparent FOV: N/A
Illuminator: Battery-operated - variable
Design Details: Red-Dot LED, with Reflex projection dot
Body Color: Black