Antares Right Angle Red Dot Finder - RDRA

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FAntares Red Dot Finder

Product Highlights:

  • Antares Red Dot Finder, Right Angle
  • Reverted Image Orientation
  • Mirror Image Fold for Right Angle View
  • Battery operated Red Illuminator
  • Easy to use
  • Black Body

The Antares RDRA right-angle version of the popular conventional Red-Dot Reflex finder will save your neck looking up. You won't have to experiment, looking for the red dot either; the spot is easily seen centered with your eye at the output barrel. Image of Red Dot appears to be at infinity, on the sky.


Antares Model No: RDRA
Optics Type: Red Dot Reflex Finder
Includes: Battery-operated Illuminator, Variable Intensity, Red Dot