Antares 7x50 90-Degree Illuminated Finder - Black - IFRBK

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Antares 90° 7x50 precision Finderscope - Illuminated - Reverted Image - Black

Product Highlights:

  • 7x50 Finderscope
  • Right-angle viewing design
  • Reverted Image
  • 60° Apparent FOV
  • Wire Reticle
  • Illuminator - Battery operated
  • Black Body color

The Antares IFRBK is a 90 degree 7x50 precision Finderscope with 50 mm aperture and a 7 power optical system. It features right-angle, reverted image viewing with the helical focus, illuminated-wire reticle giving a 60° Apparent FOV at 7X magnification. Image focusing is achieved by sliding the eyepiece in the diagonal's barrel then securing it. The body color for this model is Black. This Finderscope can be mounted to your telescope's accessory shoe with an F50FB or with F50DTB.


Manufacturer: Antares
Antares Model No: IFRBK
Function: 7x50 mm Finderscope - Illuminated type
Image Orientation: Reverted Image
Apparent FOV: 60° AFOV
Illuminator: Battery-operated - variable
Design Details: Right angle view, 60° AFOV, Wire Reticle
Body Color: Black