Antares 1.25" UHC/LPR Filter - UHC

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Antares 1.25" UHC/LPR Filter

Product Highlights:

  • Antares Ultra-High Contrast 1.25" Filter
  • Antares Light Pollution Reduction Filter
  • Transmission = 480 nm to 510 nm
  • Includes standard 1.25" size, M28.4x0.6 mm Threads

The Antares UHC Filter is a specialty filter that blocks the visual spectrum except for wavelengths between 480 nm and 510 nm. This type of blocking filter is also known as a Nebular or ALP (anti-light pollution) or an LPR (Light Pollution Reduction) filter. This particular transmission characteristic allows passage of ionized oxygen and hydrogen lines, but blocks light pollution sky reflectance from mercury and sodium vapor lamps. This UHC Filter from Antares will improve your observation of nebulae and other celestial objects which have emission lines in the ionized oxygen or the ionized hydrogen spectral bands. Also good to use in dark sites when light pollution is not a problem. Threads into all 1.25" accessories.

NOTE & CAUTION: This Filter is NOT FOR SOLAR VIEWING. DO NOT USE for solar viewing!


Antares Model No: UHC
Filter Types: Single Filter - Transmission for High Contrast Nebular emission lines and Light Pollution Reduction
Filter Size: 1.25" standard threads