Kowa 95mm Objective Lens Protective Filter - TP-95FT

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About the Kowa 95mm Protective Objective Lens Filter...

Extend the life of your Kowa 88 mm Spotting Scope with this high quality 95mm clear protective filter.  

Just like using an umbrella to keep off the rain, or a pair of rubber gloves to keep contaminates off your hands, the Kowa 95mm Protective Objective Lens Cover keeps the objective lens of your spotting scope protected from rain, fingerprints, dust, scratches and more. It has special oil and water repelling KR coatings to keep your objective lens like new!

This filter is compatible with the TSN-88A or 88S as well as the TSN-883, TSN-884 or Highlander binoculars.

Kowa 95mm Protective Objective Lens Filter Features...

  • Designed specifically for Kowa TP-88A, 88S, 883, and 884 Spotting Scopes


  • Protect the objective lens (the larger end) from accidental damage, like scratches and chips


  • Moisture and oil resistant coatings keep your optics sparkling clean


  • Extends the life of your spotting scope