Explore Scientific 8x50 Illuminated Correct Image Right Angle Finder Scope w/ Polar Alignment - VFEI0850-RA

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Explore Scientific 8x50 RAIC Illuminated Reticle Finder Scope with Polar Alignment Feature

It seems to us that finder scopes or viewfinders for telescopes are often built and designed as somewhat of an afterthought. The Explore Scientific 8x50 Correct Image Illuminated Reticle Right Angle Finder Scope is a worthy optical instrument in its own right. With individual objective and eyepiece focus adjustments, a long eye-relief eyepiece, a precision-etched open circle illuminated reticle (that will not hide the star that you center), and fully multi-coated optics you'll effortlessly find and center objects with any telescope that it is used on.

With its northern and southern polar reference markings, Explore Scientific’s 8x50 Illuminated Polar Finder Scope with NEW long battery life Illuminator (FNDRILLUM-02) allows for quick and precise polar alignments with any equatorial mount. The deep red illumination can be controlled by the variable brightness knob, which also serves as the illuminator's on/off switch. This finder features a 90° eyepiece, erect image viewing and a 6° field of view. It also offers precision focus on both the main objective and the eyepiece reticle.

Explore Scientific 8x50 Correct Image Illuminated Reticle Right Angle Finder Scope


  • Scale markings and open center, not only helps you center objects precisely but gives a reference of the exact field of view in degrees
  • Includes Northern and Southern polar reference markings which allow for quick and precise polar alignments with any equatorial mount
  • The quick-release design of the Explore Scientific finderscope bracket allows you to attach the finder to your telescope quickly and easily. The dual rings securing your finder have three-point adjustment knobs.
  • The erecting prisms of the Explore Scientific Correct-Image Finder Scopes are precision ground and polished to produce bright, high-resolution images.
  • Measure distances and easily center an object in the field of view. The brightness of the reticle can be adjusted, which is nice when you are searching for fainter objects.
  • The new illuminator, which now takes just two easy-to-find AAA batteries (not included), screws into the end of the finder and can be removed easily to change batteries, although you won't need to do that as often with this long-life illuminator! The deep red illumination can be adjusted for brightness.
  • The eyepiece has comfortable eye relief and produces a 6-degree field of view.
  • Comfortable right angle design. Uses a high-quality finder optical system

Explore Scientific 8x50 Correct Image Illuminated Reticle Finder Scope w/ Polar Alignment Specifications

Equipment Type: Optical Finderscope

Aperture: 50 mm

Magnification: 8X

Field of View: 6 degrees

Coatings: Fully Multi-coated

Design: Erect Image Right Angle (90 degrees)

Bracket: Included

Illuminated Reticle: NEW long battery life Illuminator 

Batteries for Illuminator:  Two AAA, not included

Dimensions: 216mm x 57mm x 62mm

Weight: 1 lb 9.1 oz

Explore Scientific Product Number: VFEI0850-RA