Celestron Luminos Eyepieces - 1.25"

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About the Celestron Luminos Eyepiece - 1.25"...

The Celestron Luminos Eyepiece has a beautiful 82 degree field of view and offers a full range of viewing in comfort at a great price. What''s more, exceptional eye relief makes even eyeglass wearers happy!


The Celestron Luminos Eyepiece 7-element fully multi-coated optics are sharp and crisp. Experience excellent color correction and contrast! You'''ll enjoy features like a rubber grip ring, a hard anodized aluminum barrel, and filter threads.


The Celestron Luminos Eyepieces are parfocal, which means you will not need to focus much (if at all) when switching between eyepieces in the Luminos line. 

Celestron Luminos Eyepiece - 1.25" Features...

  • 82 degree Field - Wide FOV for high and low magnifications


  • Retractable eyecups - Ultra-low profile for eyeglass wearers


  • Parfocal eyepiece - Little or no focusing is needed when changing from low to high power


  • Threaded barrels - Accepts 1.25-inch Celestron thread-in filters


  • Polished and hard anodized aluminum barrel - Scratch resistant and high end appearance


  • Rubber gripping ring - For secure handling and smooth control of eyecup


Celestron Luminos Eyepiece - 1.25" Specifications...

Angular Field of View (deg): 82 degrees

Optical Coatings: Fully Multi Coated

Size: 1.25 in (32 mm)

Parfocal: Yes