Explore Scientific Field Flattener 3" .7X Focal Reducer for ED APO 152 - FFFR507X-00

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About the Explore Scientific 3" Field Flattener .7X Focal Reducer for ED APO 152...


Explore Scientific’s 3” Field Flattener .7x Focal Reducer is a multi-faceted accessory designed to enhance your astrophotography experiences. As a field flattener, this piece addresses the edge-of-field aberrations caused by curved focal planes to ensure your night at the eyepiece will result in crisp, true images.

As a focal reducer, this device will reduce your f-ratio by .7, which results in a wider field of view, brighter images and less exposure time. Recommended for our 127mm and 152mm refracting telescopes, this field flattender/focal reducer boasts fully multi-coated optics and comes with 2 adapters to accommodate different focuser sizes.

  Description 3" Field Flattener .7x Focal Reducer for ED APO 152mm F/8
  Item Number FFFR507X-00
  Weight 1.4lb; .64kg
  Diameter 78.3mm
  Height 90.1mm




Explore Scientific Product Number: FFFR507X-00