Tele Vue 27mm Panoptic Eyepiece - 2" - EPO-27.0

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About the TeleVue 27mm Panoptic Eyepiece - 2"...

Housed in a 2" barrel like the 35mm, the TeleVue 27mm Panoptic Eyepiece is lighter and smaller. This TeleVue Telescope Eyepiece is perfect for any telescope size, type or speed, where a little more magnification is desired, yet still allows full field viewing with eyeglasses. For example, with the TV85 TeleVue Telescope, it gives 22x and a true field of 2.9 degrees!


"Using my Wide-Field design as a starting point, I looked to bring Nagler-like performance to the 60+ degree field class with the TeleVue Telescope Eyepiece Panoptic series. The idea of a lens to "interface" between the eyepiece and Barlow struck me as the proper way to keep size, weight and cost to a minimum while improving edge of field performance even further. I later developed this idea into the Powermates." --Al Nagler


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TeleVue 27mm Panoptic Eyepiece - 2" Features...


  • Adjustable and removable screw-type top allows quick, comfortable eye positioning



  • Features multi-coatings, blackened lens edges, filter threads, rubber grip rings



  • Perfect for any telescope size, type or speed



  • Scalloped shape gives a positive grip



  • Standard features include eyeguard cover and undercut barrel for extra locking security in the focuser



TeleVue 27mm Panoptic Eyepiece - 2" Specifications...

Focal Length (mm): 27

Barrel Size (in.): 2"

Apparent Field of View (deg.): 68

Eye Relief (mm): 19

Weight (lb / oz): 1.03 / 16.4

Field Stop (mm): 30.5

TeleVue Product Number: EPO-27.0