Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepiece - 1.25"

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About the Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepiece - 1.25"...

The newly enhanced Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepiece series is what you''ve been waiting for in a high quality eyepiece for planetary viewing. With a brand new sleek, robust design and a twist-up eye guard, these eyepieces are especially designed for comfort and ease of use. They also have a wide field of view of 60 degree and 6-element fully multi-coated optics for magnificent wide field performance.


Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepiece are parfocal and require little to no focusing when changing from low to high power. The X-Cel LX series is offered in the following seven sizes: 2.3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm.

Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepiece - 1.25" Features...

  • Wide field of view enhances views of the night sky through a single lens


  • 6-element fully multi-coated optics create sharper images


  • Extendable twist-up eyepieces are easier and more comfortable, especially for eyeglass wearers


  • No slip, rubber grip ring for secure handling, even in moist conditions


  • Parfocal eyepiece require little to no focusing when changing from low to high power


Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepieces - 1.25" Specifications...

Angular Field of View (deg): 60 degrees

Optical Coatings: Fully multi-coated

Size: 1.25 in