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Celestron Counterweight 17 Lbs. - CGEM - 94189

Celestron   ——   SKU: CEL-94189
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About the Celestron 17 Lbs. Counterweight - CGEM...

This 17 lb. Celestron Counterweight Accessory is designed for CGEM Series Computerized Telescopes or CGEM EdgeHD Series Computerized Telescopes.



Celestron 17 Lbs. Counterweight - CGEM Features...


  • Designed specifically for the Celestron CGEM Mount



  • Adds an additional 17 lbs. to help balance your load



  • Perfect for astrophotographers who use heavy imaging equipment



Celestron 17 Lbs. Counterweight - CGEM Specifications...

Equipment Type: Counterbalance Weight

Application: CGEM Mounts

Weight: 17 lbs.

Celestron Product Number: 94189