Astronomy - Getting Started

At Khan Scope Centre we frequently hear the question “Which is the right telescope for me to buy?”. The answer to this depends on a number of factors, however by examining the various options available, you can best match the telescope that suits your own personal applications.

Unfortunately, most people purchase their first telescope based on a minimal amount of information and end up with an unsatisfactory instrument. Many times this means, poor optical quality, poor construction which leads to user frustration and loss of interest in hobby.

These types of telescopes are typically found in department stores or camera stores.

Astronomy is a fascinating lifetime hobby enjoyed by young and old. For people from all walks of life. You can observe or photograph the heavens on a casual or serious basis, or marvel at the wonderment of our existence.

Astronomy is easy to learn! You don't have to be a scholar in physics or math to enjoy our Universe. You can purchase a sky map or a book or a software program to learn where to find objects. Now computerized scopes make it even easier to learn the sky and observe numerous objects. The learning curve is thereby shortened.

Choosing a particular telescope depends on your individual needs including cost, portability, versatility, usability, appearance..etc. You should also contemplate what you plan to do with the instrument both now and in the future.

All Telescope designs have basically the same purpose. To collect light and bring it to a point of focus as it can be magnified and examined with an eyepiece. but each design does it differently. All designs perform satisfactorily if properly designed and made by a reputable manufacture.