Baader Maxbright II Binoviewer with 18mm Classic Orthoscopic Eyepieces - BINO-S18

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MaxBright II Binoviewer with Two 18mm Classic Ortho Eyepieces

The improvements are dramatic in the reduction of eye-strain, as is the ability to comfortably concentrate on objects and discern faint contrasts.  Using two eyes also serves to compensate for floaters and astigmatism, and in effect reduces the visual noise in images.  These effects are equally dramatic for both planetary and deep sky viewing.  

This MaxBright II Binoviewer comes with a matching pair of Baader 18mm Classic Orthoscopic Eyepieces but can be used with most any pair of 1.25" eyepieces up to 35 mm.  With this package, you will also receive the MaxBright II Binoviewer, an ABS hard plastic case, a T-2 thread adapter & a Zeiss ring dovetail as well as the aforementioned set of 18mm Ortho eyepieces.

Features of the Baader MaxBright II Binoviewer...  

  • The housing of the 27mm large prisms is made with Baader's own die-casting molds using Carl Zeiss production drawings. The non-slip leather finish provides extra grip when holding the binoviewer with heavy eyepieces in your hand.
  • On the eyepiece side, the self-centering Clicklock¬ģ eyepiece clamps with diopter adjustment are immediately noticeable. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you can blindly distinguish between clamping and diopter compensation even in the dark. The inner parts are made of stainless steel for maximum stability. The high-quality eyepiece clamps are only the last part of the precisely collimated optical system, which is designed for highest magnifications. This is the only way to achieve the almost three-dimensional image and relaxed observation expected from a binoviewer.
  • All optical surfaces of the Maxbright¬ģ II feature a 7-layer multi-coating. The clear aperture is 26 mm on the telescope side and 25.5mm on the eyepiece side.¬†In comparison to models with smaller prisms you can see a much larger part of the sky at the same magnification.
  • On the telescope side, either a T-2 cap nut or a dovetail ring with original Zeiss micro bayonet can be used¬†‚Äď both connection options are included in this package¬†and allow a very compact adaptation to all common threads as well as the Baader¬†T-2 prisms and mirrors. Compared to fixed nosepieces, this effectively saves a lot of backfocus.
  • The MaxBright¬ģ II is compatible with all Baader Glasspathcorrectors (sold separately). According to optical calculations by Carl Zeiss, these correction lens systems shift the focus outwards so that you can still reach focus despite the approximately 11 cm back focus (the required inward travel of the focuser) of the binoviewer. They also compensate for the colour error that would otherwise be introduced through the prisms when using telescopes between f/4 and f/7. Glasspathcorrectors are not simple Barlow lenses, even if they resemble them. For this reason, in Germany the name Glaswegkorrektor¬ģ is a protected trademark by Baader Planetarium.

About the Baader 18mm Classic Ortho Eyepieces

  • The Baader Classic Ortho has a focal length of 18mm and a 1.25" eyepiece barrel. A winged eyecup is included to help block errant light.
  • 52¬ļ Apparent Field of View
  • This eyepiece is parfocal (little to no refocusing) with others in its series
  • The Ortho 18mm¬†delivers a pure-white image with outstanding sharpness and contrast
  • True High-Transmission (HT) and Multi-Coating (MC) on all glass-air-surfaces offer a brilliant image while showing almost no internal reflections