Baader AAS ISO 12312-2 certified solar eclipse glasses-Approved Solar Eclipse Glasses - Pack of 100

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Safely View the Sun and Watch Eclipses
with these Quality Solar Glasses from Germany.

AAVSO approved ISO 12312-2 certified solar eclipse glasses

When choosing eclipse glasses the most important consideration is eye safety!  

These Baader Solar Viewers meets, and for the most part exceeds, the official safety standards for solar eye protection ISO EN ISO 12312-2:2015.  On top of that, each pair of glasses is tested before shipment.

The high quality solar film in the lens portion of the glasses produces a true color image of the Sun, which is white.

AstroSolar film is renowned for very sharp and clear images, and that is not always the case with some inexpensive smoked plastic or mylar glasses. In other words, when you view the Sun you want the sharpest true-to-life images you can get, and Baader AstroSolar does just that.  

Baader AstroSolar® Silver/Gold Solar Viewers

  • Made in Germany:  Baader AstroSolar® Silver/Gold viewers are entirely produced in Germany.  These are not ‘budget’ glasses stamped out in some sweatshop using unknown materials, processes, and quality controls(!).
  • Safety:  Baader AstroSolar® Silver/Gold meets and largely exceeds the ISO EN ISO 12312-2:2015standard for eclipse viewers. 
  • Just as importantly - Each and Every Viewer is tested to ensure its safety.
  • True Color Views:  No other viewer presents the sun as close to its real color – WHITE! 
  • All of the other viewers claim to produce a ‘pleasing’ or ‘Natural’ yellow or orange colored sun (not because that is desirable, but because all simple smoked plastic viewers color the image).  Nothing could be more un-natural for the overhead sun. 
  • Crystal Clear and Tack Sharp:  Other viewers using common low-resolution mylar or smoked plastic films impart light scatter and deliver softer hazy views. 
  • Baader’s AstroSolar® Silver/Gold viewers deliver the same crystal clear views as their renowned AstroSolar®  film used for high magnification observation.


WARNING! Be wary of poor quality glasses being sold on the web  that either do not meet safety specifications for your eyes or are poorly made.