ZWO ASIAIR PLUS 256GB Smart WiFi Controller - 2024 Version - AIRPLUS-256G- In stock!

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One of the most popular astronomy products in a long time, the ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256G, along with the free ASIAIR app, can handle most any astrophotography process from your smartphone or tablet!  It is compatible with all ZWO ASI USB3.0 and Mini Series cameras, over a 100 Canon and Nikon DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and more than 400 equatorial mounts, as well as the ZWO EAF, EFW, and more!  Simply plug them in to the ASIAIR Plus, go to your installed ASIAIR app, and start imaging deep-sky objects or the planets, auto-guiding, autofocus functions, and more!

Other functions you can do on the ASIAIR app include Plate Solving, Scope Focus, Polar Alignment, Auto-Guiding, Auto-Run (for unmanned imaging), Plan (for multi-target/mosaic imaging), Live Stacking, Video (for planetary imaging), and more.

The ASIAIR Plus 256G has an enhanced antenna with a dual-band 2.4G/5G WiFi network that has a 20 m working range, normally at 2.4G.  Keep in mind that while the 5G network is faster, it doesn't have the working range of the 2.4G network.